SEA Tournament!


  • Check in on our Check-in page (will be activated at 1pm AEST) and join our private chat channel called "SEA Tournament" after checking in (hint: if you are having problems when you alt-tab, change your display mode to 'Windowed [fullscreen]' in options). We will not be adding any more players in the brackets after 4pm sharp. People who have not checked in are in risk of being removed/replaced even when they are online, so make sure you check-in.
  • Brackets will be published when the tournament starts (4pm), it is your responsibility to contact your opponent through private message or in our chat channel and get your games started. Play your games as soon as you and your opponent are ready to play.
  • Results of the match must be private messaged in-game to delete#487 or rezyn#772 by the winner. Please only message when all 3 games are played, ie. 2-0, 2-1, etc.
  • Spectators are allowed, permission must be given by the players first.
  • Players are allowed to change race at anytime throughout the tournament.
  • Usage of illegal software such as maphacks, etc will result in disqualification and a permanent ban in future tournaments.
  • Players must be ranked Gold, Silver or Bronze in 1v1 in SEA. Being platinum or diamond on the tournament day can get you disqualified.
  • If players get disconnected or dropped out before 4 minutes, the game must be remade and players are rematched. If dropped out after 4 minutes, the player who is dropped will be given a loss for that game, unless both players agree to a rematch.

Match format

Ro32: Steppes of War (Bo3)
Ro16: Scrap Station (Bo3)
Ro8: Lost Temple (Bo3)
Semi: Xel'Naga Caverns (Bo3)
Finals: Blistering Sands (Bo5)
Note: the maps above are for game 1, next map is the loser's choice from the map list below:
- Blistering Sands
- Jungle Basin
- Scrap Station
- Steppes of War
- Xel'Naga Caverns
- Delta Quadrant
- Lost Temple
- Metalopolis
- Shakuras Plateau


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