SEA Tournament!
I'm thinking of hosting SEA Tournament every week, instead of just every two weeks. What do you guys think? Should I host SEA Tournament every week? Or leave it as it is (every two weeks)?
Though, if it is hosted every week, I might need some help, I might start looking for bracket moderators. Also the tournament may have some changes, eg1. Ro32-Ro8 would be Bo1 instead of Bo3, eg2. we might decrease the max players from 32 to 16.
Please vote and comment!
11/29/2010 21:56:32

Would be more than happy to help out and cast the finals in HD.

Personally, every second Sunday would be better for me.

11/30/2010 00:27:57

if changes had to be made I would rather keep the bo3s and decrease to 16 players. If it's 16 maybe have semis bo5 as well?

12/10/2010 09:51:00

I will not abandon you*_*

12/13/2010 18:45:58

OMG!!!! that is AMAZING!! I didn't even know you could do such a thing!!! You did an incredible job and your coloring is awesome!! I might have to try this for Christmas.


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