SEA Tournament!
Yes that's right... SEA Tournament #3 will have two parts! Part1 will mostly have bo1 games, whereas Part2 will be very similar to our previous tournaments. Please note that registration for part1 will be a 'first come, first serve' on the tournament day. This idea came after our poll (see below) and I wanted to make it up to those who couldn't play in SEA Tournament #2. Visit our Tournaments page for more information.

By the way, SEA Tournament #3 Part2 will be on a Saturday instead of a Sunday.

For those of you who couldn't play in SEA Tournament #2, I apologize for putting an unreliable countdown timer on the tournaments page. The current countdown timer we have for SEA Tournament #3 is hopefully valid and reliable.

And lastly, we're thinking of recruiting a bracket moderator. We're looking for a trustworthy, active player, and someone who loves SEA Tournament! I have a few people in mind, but you can comment here or email us if you're interested!

i am interested in marshaling


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